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The celebrations began on 9 May 2022, with the round-table discussion "The Power of Museums", held online and co-organised by the Greek section of the International Council of Museums with the participation of speakers from the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Kazantzakis Museum, and the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation. On Wednesday 18 May 2022, on the day of International (...)

The cycle of lectures continued with the second guest Mrs. Eugenia Tzirtzilaki, director and collaborator in various inter-artistic projects in Greece and abroad, she writes, translates and is a member of the Libby Sacer Daughters group. With her lecture "Ways of Entering a Museum", she challenged the audience on the issue of the personal identity of each subject during the interaction with the (...)

"Descussions for Museum 2022" was launched by Dina Dziora, a young person working in cultural project management and community development and interface. In her presentation entitled "Reconnecting the Museum to the Community", she discussed ways in which we can keep museum spaces open, vibrant, places of unique experiences and community gathering opportunities. This created an interesting (...)

The Museum of the Ionian University in collaboration with students of Museology of the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology, designs and implements educational activities for school groups of students of Primary Education.

The participatory re-exhibition "Designing the School Museum together" started in February 2020 but was not completed due to the health emergency that occurred in March 2020 that lasted for a year. As of October 2021, the project "RESTART: Designing the School Museum Together" is in the process of being implemented, which involves the re-exhibition of the School and Education History (...)

On 18 May 2021, the online event "The future of museums through networking: the example of the Ionian Islands Museum Network (I.I.M.N.)" was held. During the discussion, the representatives of the members of the Ionian Islands Museums Network and the general public analyzed issues related to networking, synergies and the future of museums in the Ionian Islands Region.   On the same day, (...)

With the speech "University Museums: heading towards de-museumization and the cultivation of modern literacies" by the second guest, Mariza Fountopoulou, Professor of Pedagogy at the University of Athens and Director of the Museum of Education of the University of Athens, the activities to develop dialogue between the academic and the general public continued.

The Museum of the Ionian University, responding to the needs of experts and the general public for dialogue and maintaining contact with museums and culture in times of pandemic, invited the general public to attend and participate in an online lecture series with the Greek university museums as the central theme. Aiming to develop a dialogue for the future, the new challenges, bridging the gap (...)

The Museum of the Ionian University, continuing the discussions on the sustainability and the role of the museum in the life of modern man, gave the platform to the young scientists, the graduates of Museology of the Ionian University, who with different views and experiences but with common concerns and goals, discussed the first steps after graduation, the profession of a Museologist and the (...)

The Museum of the Ionian University organized the Christmas online activity for pre-school children "Who hid Santa's sack?". The activities included storytelling by the author Maria Popkiosi, puzzle games, painting and a music workshop by Cleo Konstantakou.

The Museum of the Ionian University invited the public to an online activity that was part of the project of the re-exhibition of the School Museum in Skripero. The public was invited to email the Museum a story along with a photo of a favourite school object.  Each story was then published, creating an "exhibition" of school memories on the Ionian University Museum's social media.

Following the online discussion that took place on the International Museum Day with the representatives of the museums of Corfu, the Museum Collections of the Ionian University, continuing the effort to map the current issues that concerned the cultural institutions during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, invited representatives from the museums of Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Zakynthos, and (...)

At the beginning of a new and unprecedented situation created by the pandemic of COVID-19, the Ionian University Museum invited representatives from cultural institutions of Corfu and the museum public to an online open discussion. The aim was to highlight the situation created in cultural spaces due to health measures and confinement. Museum representatives shared their experiences, and through (...)

The Museum of the Ionian University invited the public to actively contribute to the re-exhibition of the School Museum of Corfu. The aim of the Museum is, through the active participation and involvement of the local community in its operation, to design and implement the new permanent exhibition in the School Museum in Skripero, which is one of the three collections of the Ionian University (...)

The Museum of the Ionian University, due to the declaration of Europe in a state of emergency by the European Parliament, organized the event - open discussion "Save the blue" on climate change.

The Museum of the Ionian University in collaboration with the psychologist Mrs Maria Sagiadinou, of the Counseling and Student Support Unit of the Ionian University, implemented an experiential workshop dedicated to self-knowledge and empowerment through interactions of Museum space and Art.

As part of celebrating International Museum Day, the Museum of the Ionian University participated in events that took place around the world.

This educational action took place at the School Museum of Corfu and was concerned with the issue of diversity. Students of the 1st Primary School of Corfu, the General Lyceum of Agros participated, as well as adults.

The purpose of this educational activity was to introduce Corfiot society to its own typographic tradition, through the exhibits of the Typography Collection of the Museum.

The "Museum of Typography" educational programme is aimed at understanding how ‘museum’ operates as a term, and the differences between museums with respect to their thematic focus. Further, the programme aims to highlight the printing equipment collection of the University Museum.

The educational action took place at the School Museum of Corfu in Skripero and was aimed at students of the Lyceum of Skripero. The purpose was to inform the public about the extent to which education and schooling create citizens and consciences.

This educational programme, addressed to primary school students (specifically, those that attend from third to sixth grade) consisted of a game of exploration, through which participants were given the opportunity to discover some hidden paintings, sculptures and architectural reliefs found at the building of Corfu’s Municipal Gallery.

The Solomos Museum of Corfu and the Museum of Solomos and Prominent People of Zakynthos were connected with/linked through the “Live Museums” action.

The Museology Group organized a day conference with the participation of students of students of Museology and those studying in related fields from all over Greece.

The action, titled “Epta” (Seven) was inspired by Eastern and Buddhist tradition and music. As they tour the exhibition space and pass seven different points in the museum, visitors participate in a musical experience.

This action promotes communication between people, and inside the museum, as a halfway space in their daily lives.

The Museology Group, and within the framework of actions for International Museum Day 2017, collaborated with the Branch of the National Gallery in Corfu, Kato Korakiana. Through the action “I play”, the goal is to have fun and to gain knowledge in the form of a game designed for adults!

On May 3rd, the Museology Group organized an educational programme for children, in collaboration with the Folklore Museum of Sinarades.

On April 27, the Museology Group of the Ionian University, in collaboration with Mr. Alamanos, head of the Folklore Museum at Mesi, built an activity for children of the 2nd grade of the Kastellanous High School.

The Museology Group of the Ionian University organized a tour game? in collaboration with the Corfu Philharmonic Society museum. The aim was for the participants to get to know the city’s monuments, as well as the musical history of Corfu through a game involving questions.

On 8/3/2107, the Museology Group’s "Traveling with a balloon" action, in in collaboration with the School Museum of Skripero came to an end. The action was attended by children of the 1st and 2nd grades of Skripero's High School.

The Museology Group of the Ionian University participated for the second year in a row in the celebrations for the International Museum Day in Corfu on May 18, contributing in this way to the effort of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) to highlight the role of museums in modern society.

The Museology Group of the Ionian University brought for the first time the European Museum Night in Corfu, in the Branch of the National Gallery of Corfu.

The Museology Team of the Ionian University celebrated the World Cultural Heritage Day throughout the city of Corfu.

On the occasion of celebrations for World Theater Day, the Museology Team of the Ionian University created museum-educational activities and theatrical games addressed to children between 6 to 12 years of age, at the Municipal Gallery of Corfu.

The Solomos Museum, the Corfu Reading Society and Corfu’s Public Central Library collaborated with the Museology Group of the Ionian University, in celebrating World Poetry Day.

As part of consolidating a collaboration between the Ionian University and the Corfu’s various museums, the university’s Museology Group, in collaboration with the Kapodistrias Museum, organized, for the first time in Corfu, a visit to a museum construction site.

For the first time, the Ionian University Museology Group, along with two radio stations and two museums in Corfu, joined in celebrating World Radio Day.

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