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Ionian Islands Museum Network

The Ionian Islands Museums Network is an organization based on the principles of solidarity, synergies, and joining forces. Its members are various museum organizations from the Ionian Islands. It is a creation of the policy of extroversion of the University Museum that arose after a series of teleconferences in 2020 in which museums and cultural institutions from Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, and Lefkada participated for the first time. The organizations, wanting to focus on initiatives to strengthen their shared vision and to create benefits that will spread to the local and wider community and agreeing that the networking of "small" and regional actors is an important step for their development and sustainability, proceeded to the creation of the Ionian Islands Museums Network. To learn more about the Ionian Islands Museums Network and meet its members, visit the official website by clicking on the link below:

Primary Education

The cooperation of the Museum of the Ionian University with the Directorate of School Activities of the Primary Education of Corfu aims at planning and implementing educational activities for school groups. The organized informing of the schools about the actions of the Museum results in the building of an essential relationship of trust between the Museum and the Primary Schools of Corfu. Every year the schools show a strong interest in participating in the educational activities of the Museum with the important help of the Directorate of School Activities of the Primary Education of Corfu. Titles of educational programs: "We Typographers", "Become a Museologist".

ENŌTIS olive groves

Guided by participatory approaches that aim to actively engage with communities and create lasting ties with them, the Museum of the Ionian University undertook the creation of the ENOTIS Olive Groves Museum in Vistonas, Corfu. The museological study and curation of the exhibition was the responsibility of the associate of the Museum Collections of the Ionian University and museologist, Mrs. Maria Tsouka. In collaboration with the members of the Constantis family, the permanent exhibition was created, consisting mainly of tools and machinery from the family's olive groves and olive mill. Through the exhibition narrative, olive growing and olive oil production in Corfu during the pre-industrial era and also during the period of mechanization are presented. Everyone's goal is for the ENŌTIS Olive Groves Museum to contribute to the quality upgrade of the wider region and society in which it is located, and to offer its visitors an experience that will connect them with the place and tradition. To learn more about the ENŌTIS Olive Groves Museum, visit the official website by clicking on the link below:

Albert Cohen Corfu Association

The Museum of the Ionian University, in collaboration with the Albert Cohen Corfu Association and the Municipal Gallery of Corfu, undertook the museological study and curation of the exhibition "The Industrial Heritage of Corfu, 19th - 20th century". It should be noted from the outset that the subject in question is not exhausted in the exhibition but is approached with representative samples of industrial production in Corfu, which are also the main body of the bilingual album of the same name that was published a year ago and was the occasion for the present event. The exhibition presented the industrial history of Corfu from the beginning of the 19th to the end of the 20th century, a time when significant craft and industrial development was observed in the Ionian Islands. Through a thematic narrative, products and raw materials from Corfu craft and industrial units were exhibited such as cigarettes from the Meniatis tobacco factory, carpets, ropes, sacks made at the Alexandros Desyllas factory, olive oil and milk packaging from AEVEK, postcards and banknotes printed in the factory Aspiotis - ELKA, pasta packaging of the Flour Industry – Spaghetti Factory Zafeiropoulos, soaps of AEVEK and Patounis Soapworks, ceramic items, wine and winemaking machinery from the Theotokis Estate, archival evidence and rich photographic material, etc.

Municipality of Delphi

The Museum of the Ionian University in collaboration with the Municipality of Delphi undertook the study of the conversion of an existing building, which currently houses the Conservatory, into a Digital Museum of Itea. The Conservatory, after the completion of the works in Kyriakopoulio, will move there, paving the way for its conversion into a Museum. Through the use of new technologies, interested parties will gain access to the history and cultural heritage of Itea. The basic model for the creation of the Digital Museum of Itea will be a complex form of digital presence on the Internet, which is followed by most major organisations worldwide, through which the collections are presented in a way that is geared towards interaction with the visitor. According to the study, a model will be created that will give the visitor/user the possibility to choose his/her path based on his/her interests. Specifically, the 2 classifications/categorizations of the collection will give the visitor the possibility to browse A) Chronologically, following a path from the 19th to the 21st century. B) Thematically, in the indicative sections: history, architecture, art, religion, personalities, etc. Once the visitor has selected the classification of interest, the narratives and exhibits associated with this choice will then be displayed. For each exhibit individually, the necessary documentation will be provided in written and audio form, as well as additional visual material such as photographs, maps, related objects/memorials, etc.

ARDION - Archaeological Site of Dodoni

An important chapter of the Ionian University Museum's cooperation policy is the participation in funded research projects. The Museum of the Ionian University / Special Account for Research Funds of the Ionian University - ELKE IP in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ioannina, OMEGA TECHNOLOGY and SenseWorks Ltd, participates as the implementing agency of the project, entitled "Development of a platform for the creation of innovative tour applications in the archaeological site of Ancient Dodoni, aiming to enhance the visitor's experience using augmented reality, gamification and visitor positioning systems. " (acronym ARDION). The project is part of the National Scope Action "RESEARCH-CREATE-CONSTRUCTURE-BYCLE B" (ID 16971) through Greece 2.0, Recovery and Resilience Fund. The project aims to offer visitors to the archaeological site of Dodoni new experiences. The use of new technologies, in particular augmented reality, positioning mechanisms, digital games and 3D reconstructions will be crucial. During the tour of the archaeological site, behavioural data will be collected from visitors and will be used to better understand visitors, their impressions and to provide better services through digital applications and the archaeological site. The overall research within the project will lead to the development of an online platform where users themselves will create guides for each archaeological site. As a result, users (archaeologists, school instructors and other interested users and institutions) will be able to create their own guided tour applications (differentiated by age), with interactive presentations, gamification techniques, augmented reality, localisation and 3D reconstructions. The project extends beyond the technological weighting to two other areas. Firstly, the development of innovative web tools through which users, without requiring IT knowledge, will be able to develop online, through a browser, their own native applications (guides) for IOs and Android devices and finally the development of interactive storytelling algorithms with the help of which the platform will provide the user with personalised narratives.
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